Forward-Thinking High Schools

Founded by Opportunity Education, Quest Forward High Schools are forward-thinking high schools that believe students need skills over memorization, empowerment to own their learning, and individually challenging academics.

At Quest Forward High School, the four years of high school is a time for extraordinary personal growth. Students create a vision for their future and set goals to get themselves there, learning how to continue that growth for their adult lives.

The two flagship Quest Forward High Schools are in Omaha, Nebraska and Santa Rosa, California.

A high school student smiles brightly while having a discussion with a classmate at Quest Forward Academy in Omaha, Nebraska USA.

Quest Forward High School Omaha

2810 N. 118th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68164
Phone: 402-403-1267


Quest Forward High School Santa Rosa

1500 Farmers Lane
Santa Rosa, California 95405
Phone: 707-387-1663


What makes it a Quest Forward High School?

All Quest Forward High Schools are academically rigorous with skills-forward, project-based learning. They are all founded on the same guiding principles — inspired by decades of research — and incorporate a framework of learning skills, work skills, and self skills that drive the unique curriculum and our students’ daily work.

This focus ensures that Quest Forward High School students have more than content knowledge when they graduate — they are fully prepared with the skills necessary to succeed in work and life, in any path they choose.


Quest Forward Learning's curriculum is skills-forward, much more than academics — students learn how to learn and work successfully.

Project-Based Learning

Students learn real-world skills while creating artifacts and problem-solving.

A mentor consulting one-on-one with a smiling student in front of a laptop.

Continual Assessment
without Exams

Students are continually improving through mastery assessments and formative feedback.

 Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa student Alex flies during her pilot internship in Sonoma County, CA.

Preparation for their
Unique Future Path

Students drive their education toward their goals and gain experience through internships.