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Welcome to A New Kind of High School.

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Our high school students learn by engaging with the world.

Our students engage with the world, developing the mindset, essential habits, and academic skills they will need to grow and succeed through college and career. At Quest Forward Academy, students learn how to learn.

Each Academy builds on Opportunity Education’s Quest Forward Learning, and the benefits that come from being part of a growing, global network of innovative secondary schools.

Quest Forward Academies are currently accepting applications for 9th-11th grade. Learn about how to apply to the Omaha or Santa Rosa Academies.

Set Up For Success

Quest Forward Academies are built by professionals with a history of creating innovative, successful schools.

Average Class Size is 12 Students
Years of College and Career Counseling

So far, all graduating students have been accepted to one of their top 3 college picks.

Faculty have Advanced Degrees
Amount in Scholarships Awarded to Students Last Year


Challenging academics, supportive mentors.

Quest Forward Academy challenges students to explore, discover, analyze, and demonstrate answers to questions, while discovering passions and purpose and developing rigorous academic skills. Supported by mentor teachers, who provide constant guidance and feedback, students expand their knowledge, practice specific skills, and learn how to learn. Here, success is not just about answering questions correctly—it’s about learning how to ask them well.

The Academy Course of Study for is divided into three phases:

Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase — typically done in 9th grade — provides a grounding in Quest Forward Learning by introducing subjects and skills the students will encounter throughout their work in high school.

This phase also introduces students to the Six Essential Habits of mind and character, and gets students ready to drive their own learning, work with their mentors, and collaborate actively in the learning community. The Foundation Phase is followed by the Exploration Phase.

Exploration Phase students at the Quest Forward Academy Omaha campus conduct experiments on vegetables in the lab.

Beyond Academics

Mindset and Habits.

In addition to academics and skills development, Academy students also practice Six Essential Habits that form the foundation of success in education and career. As habitual behaviors, they position students uniquely to always keep learning, to see challenges as growth opportunities, and to work productively with others.

The Six Essential Habits of Quest Forward Learning are part of each student’s daily work at the Academies:

  • Be Curious
  • Communicate and Collaborate
  • Manage Yourself
  • Solve Problems
  • Learn From Setbacks
  • Live an Integrated Life

Cultivated and developed throughout each student’s time at Quest Forward Academy, these habits offer students ways to sustain their engagement in pursuit of career and life goals.