Frequently Asked Questions

How is Quest Forward Academy organized?

Quest Forward Academy is a 501(c)3 organization founded by Joe Ricketts to operate high schools that demonstrate the capabilities of the innovative Opportunity Education Quest Forward Learning Platform and Curriculum. Building from Opportunity Education’s decades-old experience in impactful education, Quest Forward Academy is governed by a Board of Directors with each location managed by a Director of School. The academies are supported financially by Joe Ricketts and through a no-cost license use the Opportunity Education Quest Forward Learning Platform and Curriculum

Do the founders of Quest Forward Academy have a track record of successfully operating high schools?

Opportunity Education has supported over 1,500 schools worldwide over the past 12 years. The founding school team for Quest Forward Academy has over fifty years of experience working with schools across the U.S., including creating the Online High School at Stanford University, a fully accredited independent high school that has been ranked #3 in the United States among all private schools. So not only does the team have experience operating high schools, they have experience successfully realizing new visions for education.

Is Quest Forward Academy an Online School? Is it a computer-based school? How is the technology used?

Quest Forward Academy is a brick-and-mortar school with a distinctive approach to education that prioritizes students working independently and in small groups. Curricular units are organized in “quests” and student interaction with, and progression through, this curriculum is governed by a series of applications that provide a visual interface and playlist functionality. Student achievement is also tracked and displayed within this application. For more detailed information on the technology, see the Quest Forward Learning Platform website.

Does Quest Forward Academy offer the same academic building blocks – e.g., Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, English, etc. – as traditional schools?

Yes. Quest Forward Academy’s curriculum covers the concepts and skills that the standard high school curriculum covers. However, it does not take a silo approach in doing so. Whether one looks at the history of knowledge, or the application of knowledge in the world, one does not see a strict separation between the disciplines. This type of separation tends to happen only in academic institutions where, borrowing a phrase from the great 20th-century philosopher W.V.O. Quine, there is a tendency to confuse the compartments of the universe with the departments of the university. Students graduating from Quest Forward Academy will have had the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the disciplines they have chosen to study and will be well prepared for success in college or career.

If my child completes four years of studies, will he/she receive a high school diploma and be eligible for college?

Quest Forward Academy, like any other high school, awards a high school diploma to students who complete the graduation requirements. Quest Forward Academy works with students from the moment they enter the academy to develop an individualized academic plan that makes clear the student’s goals and ambitions. This plan serves as a blueprint for what the student will study while in Quest Forward Academy. While this plan will be periodically revised to reflect changes in goals, it plays an important role in keeping students focused on what needs to be accomplished to attain their long-term goals.

What assistance will Quest Forward Academy provide to help my child apply to college or to secure a job after graduation or even during his/her time at Quest Forward Academy?

Quest Forward Academy maintains a standard counseling office that is equipped with both college admissions counselors and with vocational and professional services counselors who will ensure that students pursue an appropriate course of study to achieve their ultimate goals.

Quest Forward Academy will work closely with colleges and employers to ensure that they are familiar with Quest Forward Academy and with the quality of the education that the Academy provides. Part of the long-term vision for Quest Forward Academy is that it would be common for students while still in high school to attain internships or apprenticeships as a way of allowing students to pursue their interests in a structured manner that still advances them through a project-based curriculum. Similarly, students who have completed the high-school level content in a subject area will be able to move into university-level course coursework while still in high school.

Will there be sports?

The Academy will not have its own organized sports teams. However, the schedule of the Academy will be such as to allow for students to play for club sports teams or other organized leagues.

Will there be art classes?

While students will have the opportunity to study the arts, and to experiment with creating art and engineering projects in the studio and the Makerspace, formal instruction in the arts will be within the context of the broader set of quests and journeys that students pursue. Quest Forward Academy is an environment in which a student of an artistic bent will be able to freely pursue the arts across the curriculum and in greater depth in the later years of the Academy.

Does Quest Forward Academy accept children with learning disabilities or learning differences and, if so, what provisions are there for their special needs?

Quest Forward Academy has been designed for students who are able to be self-directed, self-managed learners when working in close proximity to mentors. The role of the instructor has been recast as “mentor” with a focus on providing guidance to students while they work through the material. Students who need extra support services in the context of a traditional school will likely need similar support services in Quest Forward Academy. Students who require constant support and who find it difficult to stay focused on a task may find their needs better served by alternative models of instruction. On the other hand, because of the independent nature of lessons in Quest Forward Academy, it is much easier for students to review material and repeat material as they need. For this reason, we encourage parents of students with learning difficulties or disabilities to make an individual appointment for consultation.

Can my child transfer from/to a public school or private school without losing academic progress?

Students in Quest Forward Academy are always able to transfer from/to another school. We understand that circumstances arise that may cause a child to change schools in the middle of year and, for this reason, we have closely aligned Quest Forward Academy curriculum with state and national standards so that a student coming to/leaving Quest Forward Academy will be able to slot into courses at his or her new school without undue difficulty.