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Our Mission Statement

At Quest Forward Academy students learn how to learn, as they develop the mindset, essential habits, and academic skills they will need to succeed in college, in life, and in work, and to ultimately become value creators for themselves and for their communities.

Quest Forward Academy motivates its students to explore the world around them, to reason analytically, to think creatively, and to progress from observation to deep understanding. Quest Forward Academy combines strong academics with a supportive, nurturing environment that fosters independence, self-knowledge, and creative collaboration providing students with the tools they will need to achieve their individual aspirations.

Quest Forward Academy is based on the following core values:

  1. Students have the personal responsibility to make sound choices, and the power to effect positive outcomes in their learning, in their work, and in their lives. Meaningful learning engenders personal growth.  
  2. Learning is robust, lifelong, and constantly occurring, and should not be limited to the school grounds or constrained by an academic calendar. Formal education should support, facilitate, and incorporate a rich range of informal educational opportunities.
  3. Learning is cultivated through active engagement and practice and is best achieved within the context of each student’s own personal situation and community.
  4. Interactions with others, including relatives, peers, and mentors are essential for learning, and valuable learning occurs through such interactions.

These values ensure that not only do learners gain the skills and knowledge that they need to develop their minds, but that they also cultivate their characters and acquire the sound ethical foundation necessary for success in their educational goals, in their career pursuits, and in their personal lives.