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Distance Learning in Effect
To keep our students, faculty, and community safe and healthy, we are working from home according to our distance learning plan. Read more about our approach in our blog post, and please check your email and our Facebook page for ongoing updates. Thanks for your support!
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A small, independent high school where students thrive.

Does your child wish for a personalized school, with smaller classes, and teachers who actually know them and what they need?

When Quest Forward Academy students join in grade 9 they begin a 4-year journey to hone their skills and build essential habits for success. Every year, students progress through a curriculum of skills-focused projects that prepare them for college and career.

Supported by 4 years of comprehensive counseling, integrated internship experiences, dual-enrollment options, and our City as Campus program, Quest Forward Academy graduates are equipped to achieve their dreams.

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Our scholarship program, funded by Joe Ricketts, ensures that all motivated students from any economic background can afford a Quest Forward Academy education.

Quest Forward Academy gives me the freedom to show the creative and fun side of me that I couldn’t express at other schools.

— McKinley J., Student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

If I want to take a particular class, they will help me find a way to fit that class into my schedule... or they will offer me an independent study so that I can earn credit for taking the classes I want to take. They create specialized classes for my future.

— Libby C., Student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

I like Quest Forward Academy because the curriculum lets you move at your own pace and you can be more involved in deciding what you want to learn about.

— Natalia R., Student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

I like how independent it is, and how you can get ahead and you don’t have to wait for others.

— Fiona L., Student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

A smaller environment allows you to be more comfortable and confident with learning in groups meanwhile helping you reach your full potential.

— Daisy O., Student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

Being in Quest Forward Academy has made me a better person. I’ve learned a lot from being in a positive environment.

— Estacy A., Student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

The start of a new school year doesn’t make me nervous like how it used to.

— Keyaira M., Student at Quest Forward Academy Omaha

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Quest Forward Academy Omaha is part of a global network of high schools supported by the Opportunity Education Foundation and its Quest Forward Learning Program

Quest Forward Learning provides a relevant and engaging curriculum supported by integrated competence-focused assessment and effective learning technology to schools and students globally.

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You know that your child needs more than academics, tests, and grades. Learn more about how Quest Forward Academy prepares your child for an active, engaged, and successful life of learning and work. 

See other parents speak to their experience with Quest Forward Academy, watch students describe their education, and discover the power of the Quest Forward Learning approach.

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Do you want a high school that lets you drive your education, lets you have a say in what and how you learn, and helps you achieve your goals? Do you want a school that you actually look forward to going to?  

Hear what other students say about Quest Forward Academy, see projects you might work on, and learn how we use technology in the classroom to set you up for success.

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