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Taking to the Airwaves

Mark Smith, School Director at Quest Forward Academy Omaha, joined two local radio programs in Omaha to speak about the unique qualities and strengths of a Quest Forward education. In his interviews, Mark communicated the breadth of the Academy structure and its programs, and… Read More

New Ways to be Old School

Quest Forward Learning is a modern, skills-forward approach to education. While this may seem different than the traditional educational system, but it's really just a new way of being old school. Read More

What Does It (Actually) Take to Succeed at Work Today?

Succeeding at work in today’s world requires different habits and skills than Frederick Winslow Taylor, the father of scientific management, would have prioritized. Thus, OE provides an educational experience to students that will prepare them to create value in their communities in new ways. Read More

The Road Forward: Beyond High School

A distinguishing characteristic of Quest Forward Academy is a relentless discussion of mindset, habits, and skills. OE believes these characteristics will help students in college, work, and beyond. Read More

The Power of Mindset

Great learning experiences have the power to change how we think about ourselves, our relationships with others, and our role in the world Read More

One Year Later, One Year Wiser

Fast-forward one year, the Quest Forward Academies are showing what can be accomplished with a full implementation of the Quest Forward curriculum, platform, and methodology. Read More

Advances in Skill Assessments

Through Quest Forward Learning, students will become proficient with the skills and associated behaviors aligned with these courses. Creating a method for assessing the progression of these skills is critical for student success. Read More

A Tale of Two Academies

Created for the express purpose of demonstrating the power of the Quest Forward methodology, the Quest Forward Academies are independent schools built on an “all Quest Forward Learning, all the time” approach. Read More