Quest for Parents and Guardians

How to View your Student’s Work in Quest

At schools that use Quest Forward Learning, students and teachers use a web application called Quest. They use Quest to complete most of their daily work at school.

Students access their curriculum, observe their progress, explore topics and develop skills through quests. Students use Quest to share artifacts (work they make), receive feedback, and reflect on their own progression and growth. Mentors provide guidance, give feedback, set target dates, and view various data dashboards about student performance and growth.

What can you do in Quest?

Parents/Guardians have unique access to Quest. It is a read-only, real-time view into your student’s workspace. Be a part of your student’s courses, see how they are developing, and learn about more ways to support them at home.

Watch the video for a complete walkthrough of everything you’ll see as a parent/guardian in Quest.


Q: How do I receive an invitation to Quest?

A: First, update your contact information, specifically your email, with your student’s school by contacting the Office Manager or other Operations personnel. They will send you an invitation to join Quest to the email address you provide to them. Then, check your inbox (or spam folder) for directions on how to set up your account. The invitation email will come from the Quest Forward Learning Team (


Q: How do I access Quest after I set up my account?

A: Go to We recommend bookmarking this page on your web browser. 

Please use Quest on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on laptops, desktops, or Chromebooks. Starting in fall 2022, Quest can be used on Apple’s Safari browser on iPads.


Q: What is my username and password? What should I do if I forget my password?

A: Prior to logging in for the first time, be sure that you have set up your account via an invitation email. Your username and password is the information that you set up your account with from that email. 

Generally speaking, your username is your primary contact email. Your password is unique to you from your account setup. If you forgot your password, it can be reset from the Quest login screen.


Q: What if I have multiple students or already have an account for one student?

A: You can use the same username and password to connect and see multiple students’ workspaces. To set this up, please see the invitation email (or ask school personnel to resend the invitation). From there, click on “Sign up here!” and then click on “Link it here” below the username and password boxes. Once you link another student to your account, multiple names will show up in your Quest Lobby at login.


Q: What should I expect to see when I view a student’s workspace)?

A: When you log into your account in Quest, you can see any of the following: 

  • A hyper-detailed look into how your students are progressing in their courses
  • What kind of artifacts (work products) they are working on and feedback they received 
  • A read-only view of the curriculum, including activity descriptions and focus skills 
  • Upcoming target dates for activities and artifacts
  • Skills they are practicing and mastering
  • Data visualizations reflecting engagement and attendance data 
  • Announcements from mentors, mentor guidance, and resources
  • Copies of weekly summary reports 
  • And more!


Q: Can I see my student’s grades?

A: No, you will not be able to see projected grades, copies of transcripts, or termly reports.


Q: Can I submit artifacts or write notes for my students in Quest?

A: This is a read-only view of the student’s workspace. While you may be able to see in real-time what the student is working on and how they are developing, this access does not allow a parent/guardian to submit artifacts, notes, communicate with mentors, or ask for feedback on behalf of the student.


Q: What should I do if I can’t access Quest, have trouble, or think I am experiencing a software bug?

A: Email describing your issue with as much detail as possible (e.g. your name, student name, course, quest title, etc.). Please try to include a screen recording video or screenshot of what you are experiencing. Students and mentors can also check out the Help Center for a possible solution. The Help Center can be found at Use your Quest username and password to access the Help Center.

Go to the Help Center


Q: Why do I sometimes see a green bar across the top of my screen that says “Some changes to Quest are available. Please save your work and update ASAP.”?

A: Periodically the Quest Forward Learning Team releases updates to Quest including new features, updates to features, or fixes. Sometimes these require you to refresh Quest in your browser, and this message bar lets you know you should do this. (If a student is in the middle of something, we recommend they save their work first.) Then click the “Update Quest” button to exit Quest, and then log back in again. If Quest doesn’t seem to be working correctly after that, you may need to completely close your browser and reopen Quest.